Tonal is an animal spirit that protects you. From him you acquire especial qualities and teachings to guide you along the journey of life.

This series of drawings was created with the intention of capturing all those intangible wishes we want to share with our children. Qualities such as wisdom, strength, health, love for nature. The meaning of each “Tonal” is determined by the skills  you decide to assign him, is then that he gets his magical powers.

Each Tonal carries with him an Ojo de Dios that aids him on his work as a guardian. In the Huichol culture, when a baby is born an Ojo de Dios or "Tsik ri" is made for him and offered to  the universe asking for his good growth. This Ojo de Dios represents the five cardinal directions - east, west, north, south and center - of the Huichol cosmogony. It is through this amulet that gods can observe each child personally. For every round to the sun and until age 5, the child receives an Ojo de Dios , forming then his  own cosmic tree.

The term Tonal  is taken from the Toltec culture in which the Nagual and Tonal constitute a whole entity , being one the intangible  and the other the tangible of life in the universe.


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